Tuesday, December 4, 2007



Travelling out this sunday again on the 9th. I'm probably gonna miss the soccer game again depending on my flight timing '`ァ(*´д`*)'`ァ

I've always dreamed about jetting off here and there around the world when i was young, but when you grow older it's really becoming a chore. You don't get to see friends, meet up for supper and drinks and etc. Most importantly you miss your family.

So this time it looks like my schedule is SIN - PEN - KL - BKK - SIN, that's 4 cities in 1 week _| ̄|○ The only good thing is this time, there will be contact person to bring us around and we don't need to jump on taxi and hope it will bring us to the correct location. And i hope we get some time off to do some city exploration.

Btw, found an interesting online watch shop here. Definetely a unique way of telling time and a maybe a good way to impress chicks and fellow geeks
(○゜ε゜○)プッ Hmmm let's see how i can get those watches...

Tokyo Flash - Shinsoku

This is by far the most eye catching watch among the whole list and it looks AWESOME! The problem is these watches are selling like hotcakes and are out of stock already... again... Btw you tell the time by counting the no of litted LEDs. Red = Hour (1 hr per LED), Green = Minutes (15 min per LED) and Yellow = Minutes (1 min per LED). So the picture above now shows 11:41, the problem is AM or PM (´・_・)ん?

Nonetheless they have a wide range of cool watches for nerds like me & you. Go on guys, it's the christmas season so spend spend spend!

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