Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Party 2007

Yayayayay party thru the night ~

We had our company's christmas dinner at the outer seats of Cafe Vic in Carlton Hotel on the 19th and it was a great as it was probably the first time in months that all staff was present. Everyone brought their family along and i was the only one who attended alone ( つд`) orz

Putting sad things aside, the special buffet prepared specially for our group was neither excellent nor exceptionally great EXCEPT for the grill stuffs. If i didn't have lunch that day, i could probably finish all the BBQ stuffs.

The grilled pepper marinated beef and german sausage was really the highlight of the day. Of course the prawns, chicken chop and mackarel fish (though slightly saltish) was great as well. Look at how many servings of the BBQ stuff i took, i hardly anything else on the buffet line. Oh the only food i ate besides the grill stuffs are the sashimi because the salmon was really fresh and sweet.

At the end of the day, we exchanged gifts and the company gave us each a G2000 shirt which we had picked personally before hand. 照レマスナヾ(-`ω´-o)ゝ。+゚

I also won a LE MON MP4 player for the year end raffles, thought i would have preferred the microwave oven as ours in the house is slowly but surely dying.

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