Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas is all about...

Being with your loved ones and friends taking a break from your job or worries but here I am watching DVDs all alone by myself at home.. sob.. sob..

I really need to get to know more people here, and as soon as possible or I'll be spending my weekend nights with the TV and DVD player instead of friends and girls heh...

I did go out though for Christmas lunch with my parents to Pacific Place - some mall in the city. We had Japanese food at Rakuzen, yes the same restaurant that we
(YZ & JW) went in Millenia Walk and got butchered by the price. I had the same Gyu Tataki stuff again and it was much better done here. Overall the food served is better than Sushi Tei and the decoration and ambience of the restaurant was superb. Place to bring girls to, check :D

Nicely decorated ceiling
More seats downstairs
Awesome pillars and surroundings
This mall has all the shops that you will find in a posh shopping centre in Singapore. The LV store was HUGE! And with the current currency exchange rate, the price is competitive and comparable to Singapore. Even Pedro here is cheaper than in Singapore now, which was a perfect excuse to get myself a pair of slippers though.

I also managed to pick up a PC casing yesterday and proceeded to assemble it back the whole of yesterday night which explains the slight headache (from the lack of sleep) I have while typing this post.

The box
Everything assembled - Non Lit
Assembled - LitHuge 200mm silent cooling fan
The front view
My room and stuffs are slowly falling into place now !!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ta da my really humble table that took me a full day to assemble, set up and move to my room. Now that it is all set up, i just need to get a new PC casing and reassemble my PC to get it running.

I'm also thinking of getting a rack and fit it just above my bed so that it can house my projector and turn the room into a mini theatre. Oh yah, need speakers as well...

Modem, Router, Network HDD, S10
Strange sight?? Not in toilets here

By the way, what are all these mineral water bottles doing in some toilets, do you guys know OR want to know? This my friend, is the flushing system for the toilets!!

Enough to scare you guys for one day, I will find more strange stuff here and take pictures of it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

DIY = Die If You try...

I went shopping for furnitures few days back and tried to be clever by getting a DIY desk thinking it would be easy to assemble it like those from IKEA.

Unfortunately I was wrong... very wrong...

Uncovering the box
1 part labelled as part no 17
The same part labelled as no 25 at the back...

I will never ever (x100) get any DIY stuff here anymore. I'll rather get an assembled furniture then to spend just the whole day figuring out which part is which.

On the bright side, i got to taste this wonderful stuff. It's called murtabak (pancake) but not the type of murtabak you get from prata stalls in Singapore. It's a dessert here so it's sweet and goes very well with black coffee.

Mouth watering ain't it!

1 side chocolates and nuts
1 side lots of cheese

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Internet speed in Indonesia...

Is as turbulent as the stock market....

These are the times that i wished i was back in Singapore...

I also went out to check out the local PC stuffs at a local mall (something like Sim Lim Square) and found out that the prices are similar (YAY!!) but only that they are in USD and not SGD...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wedding and a dinner

I never knew being a AV coordinator of a wedding reception was that fun till i tried it myself for my sis wedding few days back. Just a few presses of the button here and there and the lights and music are up in no time.

With the wedding, more pressure is on me as I'm the last one single =| Not like it's such a bad thing right.

View of the hall from the AV room

Another wedding next door

After which, we had a parting dinner with my bro-in-law family who came from Malacca for the wedding and the weekend at a restaurant near our house.

Sorry guys but this wins all Indonesian restaurant in Singapore and you guys aren't here to taste it.

We were seated at 3 tables and each had 10+ dishes!!! The pictures here really don't do the dishes any justice at all
Restaurant Signage
The Food
The ending damage

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back in Indonesia

Negaraku yang tercinta, Indonesia.

Well i am back here, rebuilding my life in this country from now on. Surprisingly saying Indonesia is a much better country than the one 2 years back is an understatement.

For one, the internet infrastructure is a lot better now as i'm typing this post at a local mall 5 mins away from my house. The wi-fi here is much faster than wireless@sg as probably only a handful of people are utilising it. And with my S10 I can sit here up to 5 hours at a cafe without lugging along my charger.

More about this mall, it has a splendid cinema, an arcade with games at half price than those in Singapore (including WCCF, no Sanguo sadly). There is also a billiard parlour rivalling those in Japan and to top it off, someone will help you to arrange the balls. It's like malls in Indonesia is a totally different world to the one outside it and i'm liking it... a lot!

My 1st dinner in Indonesia after 1 yr ++

Indonesia's own 茶餐厅

Christmas decoration in the mall

WCCF machine lol

As for the moment, I will still continue to use my Singapore no but should be replaced by my local no soon. Will update in on my MSN and here. *Updated, my local line is 0878-8393-3698

As for internet at my house, i've applied and it should be active from end of the week onwards, hopefully...

Pictures should be up soon, forgot to bring my sd card converter out -_-;