Monday, December 15, 2008

Wedding and a dinner

I never knew being a AV coordinator of a wedding reception was that fun till i tried it myself for my sis wedding few days back. Just a few presses of the button here and there and the lights and music are up in no time.

With the wedding, more pressure is on me as I'm the last one single =| Not like it's such a bad thing right.

View of the hall from the AV room

Another wedding next door

After which, we had a parting dinner with my bro-in-law family who came from Malacca for the wedding and the weekend at a restaurant near our house.

Sorry guys but this wins all Indonesian restaurant in Singapore and you guys aren't here to taste it.

We were seated at 3 tables and each had 10+ dishes!!! The pictures here really don't do the dishes any justice at all
Restaurant Signage
The Food
The ending damage

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