Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tak Kiu !!

Sunday is soccer day !! At least for us gamers who only moves our hand all the time and occassionally our legs.

Soccer Squad

*Click on pics to enlarge

Apart from the guys above, there were more who left early like 狼王,BOY, Bunny(?), Becks and friends. So we have like 15++ players playing once fortnightly, if you would like to join us please do so, we are glad to have anyone join us.

Btw sorry for the people above whose name i do not know. Maybe you or others can fill me up on this because calling people by their nick on the court is difficult for people like wu gui dan whose nick is long!!!

See you guys again in 2 weeks time またね!



Glory Glory Man Utd !!

"And Rooney scores, what a wonderful piece of excellent move"

That's what you'll probably get used to hearing from now on. I can smell the treble like a mouse targetting a piece of cheese (´・ω・`)

Luckily we didn't give up and left the pub after seeing Man Utd go down 2-0, and luckily Everton's GK made the stupid little mistake and let Man Utd get the momentum to fight back. It was all made sweeter with Chelsea drawing at Bolton XXXDDDD

Btw guess what's this? (´・_・)ん?

It's Pi Pa Gao made into a drink !! OMG and i still dared to try it. All i can say is, after opening the can, i immediately gave it to my friend. It was like smelling and drinking cough syrup. Bleh

Anyway though tired, it was a happy day for me and all Man Utd fans. I hope everyone sleep well because we'll have our bi-weekly soccer game tomorrow. Zzz(´ー`)ヾ(・・` <


Sunday, April 22, 2007


Today's result with my standard double fan ji deck (○ = win × = lose △ = draw)

○○× after 1+ months of no playing.

1/2, no 討伐 today. Really rusty, my 反計 either totally not aiming people or aiming at the wrong person. To top it off, i wasted $6 playing with com opponents because there was something wrong with the online connection. Bah lousy machines and servers. Made me think about totally quitting 3 guo till they decide to have a big tournament before bringing in V2.

And our picture of the day !!! of a 覇王 losing to com. I have edited out the name to protect the person's reputation. (*゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

On another note, i keep on seeing this girl as Vanessa in KOF. Maybe it's just me but i thought, the bangs and highlight of the hair + face expression + the white sleeveless shirt made them look similar. Well XD how come we can't find such girls in Sillypore.

PS: Obviously i've photoshopped the colour of the hair and tie lar !! And the girl's name is 亀井絵里 from Morning Musume.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Food and Pool の誘惑

Wake up early in the morning tio shoot by someone liao, saying i'm a pilot. All i can say is sorry sob sob _| ̄|○ I couldn't resist the temptation and promise of nice dinner and pool afterwards. FOC somemore, while playing 3guo means i need to fork out my own money.

BUT today CONFIRM going down. So long never play, not sure how much my standard has dropped, but should be enough to get some 討伐 (^N^)

Also PS to Archezdevil, i think you can come down today to pick up your ang pao XD


Friday, April 20, 2007

SR パパ Deck

Xiao liao, forgot to bring my deck out today, how the hell am i going to go PVP later on.. sighz '`ァ(*´д`*)'`ァ Just have to borrow from Kim & Co later X(

Thinking of playing this deck today.

Actually i've played a somewhat similar deck before but found it difficult to control 6 cards at once. But with the modification of 2 spears, horse, archer each, i think it would be easier to control. And i like to play with shiny decks (ノ´∀`)ノ 1 SR + 4R, too bad i can't find another good replacement for a 1 cost horse in these 2 countries.

24 Str + 32 Intel, but this deck's winning chance all lies with SR Sun Jian, if he falls the whole deck falls. Have to work up on my 単挑pressing liao.

Hope to do well today, we shall see later


Thursday, April 19, 2007

初代チャンピオンの Deck

This is the deck that i'm currently using to PVP people. Of course i do try and play other decks but this is my favourite.

The concept of the deck is very simple, push opponent into their own half of the map and go into a mounting position where it is almost impossible for them to cast any skill -> 落城. This is also 1 of the deck with the highest 落城 rate if you choose 増援の法 as your 兵法.

The key to winning is to conquer the middle neutral ground and push them back within their own half. I have always said that defending is always easier than attacking because of alot of factors such as sieging bar time, no auras (for horse and spears) when you come in contact with the castle area etc. But this only hold true if both are playing on level grounds. Imagine a powered up unit camping on your half but you can't power up or use other skill to defend. Most of the time, the attack will go through the defense.

That is why you have to camp in his half. Imagine if the opponent is the 1 presurring you in your own half. even if you power up and try to counter his skills, he can fall back abit to the halfway line (out of the reach of your counter) and cast his skills, rendering your counter unit useless.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Origin

Time to give hints on why i decided to start this blog. It all began with a conversation with 2 other 3 Guo players 1 night.

*Re-enactment of conversation. All names are withheld to protect witnesses and me XD

Chicken-Head: Wah lately i see alot of new faces in the arcade ah
Technician: U long time never come and play lar, noob lar u.
Medic: Yeah lor, but they mainly playing just to get uniforms lar, u know, sponsor people
Yea Yea like that old guy who visit the arcade everyday with a bunch of coins, dunno where they get all the $ from, must be A.S.Ks or businessman

Chicken-Head: Then how come they dunwan to play themselves har, why must ask people to play for them, not sian meh, waste $$ only and cannot improve skill.
Technician: Yea lor, got pride meh
Medic: True but also hor, i dun understand why they like to sponsor Gayboy leh, not like his tao fa (討伐) rate is high like tt.
Chicken-Head: Y leh, Gayboy not bad mah.
Medic: He is good lar, but he everytime play jiao deck when people sponsor him. Of course tao fa rate low lar.

Chicken-Head: He should just stick to his 5 horse deck lar, only he can use
Medic: Ah lar that deck easy to use lar, just now i and Bak-ka try once, also can tao fa easily.
Technician: Lol no wonder only he can use, it's so easy to use mah

3 of us: Ha Ha Ha (ノ´∀`)

*No prize for guessing who is who

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sangokushi Local and International Community

For others who are unaware, this game originated from Japan (doh xD). Needless to say due to the head start that they had, they play better, have newer versions, newer cards than the rest of the international community.

Look at the date, that was when i played my first 3 Guo game. Lol @ Guan Ping being the No 1 used card.

Some random screenshots of a match. My Card nick is and has always been 「 ♀ 」 :DD

These international community comprises of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. The first three countries that i listed are currently in a testing stage of online gaming that enables players from the 3 countries to PVP (players vs players) each other anytime and anywhere. I'm sure this is the only game except from the Mahjong game that allows players of different countries to PVP each other. Malaysia should be following suit when V2 of the game comes.

Of course this comes @ a hefty price (-_-;; of $3 per game or if you choose the PVP mode, it can go as cheap as $6 for 3 game as it gets cheaper when you win each battle. So the pricing systems goes like $3 for 1st game, $2 for 2nd game and $1 for the 3rd game. The pricing system restarts back to $3 when you win 3 games consecutively.

* For people who visit this blog and is unfamiliar with the game or who wish to learn this game, can visit our local forums @

The start of this blog

What prompted me to start this blog is to inform and share my personal views on the game, Sangokushi Taisen (三国志大戦) with others who play the game. Of course there are hidden agendas that i would not disclose right now but will become very apparent later on. Occassionally i will blog about my daily mundane life as well :o

In the meantime, stay tune for updates to this blog :D