Friday, August 31, 2007


~ This is the saga that doesn't end

yes it goes on and on my lambs

some people started downloading it not knowing its ilegal

And odex will continue sueing us forever just because

This is the saga that doesn't end ~


Apparently ODEX has brought in reinforcements from Japan to overturn the decision of Judge Lau in the upcoming appeal. They are the official licence holder of the listed animes listed in the AVPAS website.

I still wonder how ODEX managed to smoke thru these Japanese to support them when they have not been doing their fair share of the job. No advertisements no promotions zilch, nil, kosong, egg, plaster whatever !! Probably the clever people up there in the management are not willing to spend on PR because they are not making $$. HELLO!!! You need promotions to get your sales running not the other way round.

And i'm sure some of you have heard regarding how ODEX director, Peter Goh (PG) were owners of some sort of game shop (Games Mart Pte Ltd) that was raided in 99' for selling counterfeit games and accessories. PG came out on the news today telling the media that they were not at all involved in the fracas. Chinese has a saying "上梁不正,下梁歪 ", go figure out. '`ァ(*´д`*)'`ァ

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Finally Singapore is going to play host to 1 of the most respected Japanese players which is none other than 全武将がOO !!

I think most of us have seen his replays from v1.0 and v1.1 showcasing his micro skills of numerous units and his deck building skills. I can't wait to see him tomorrow @ AMK hub, too bad i need to work till 6PM but at least my workplace is near YAY!!

Also i'm getting him to sign my SR Dongzuo & IC card muahahahahahahah!!! PS: Please don't copy my idea XD


BTW, at last the countdown begins !!!!!! 42 days from now on to the livewires :DDDD

Monday, August 27, 2007

FF XIII - Awesome battle system

Look at the trailer yourself and be amazed Awesome is all i can describe the in-game & battle graphics of the new FFXIII. Σ(゚д゚ )!!

The last FF series i played was FFX and this is so much different... Enjoy

Final Fantasy 13 - Trailer - Funny bloopers are a click away

PS: The hero is a heroine XD

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Qualifier's Update

Update !! We have the latest 4 qualifying contestants from Marina South and West Mall. Too bad our dear uncle COACH who is the most motivated didn't make it thru the qualifiers. But i'm pretty sure there will be people who can't make it to the show in the last minute and uncle COACH will be there to fill the space up.

Mean while i'll be rooting for our company's representatives, G, KIM and 仲達 to do well in the finals. Alas i'll be working @ COMEX the IT show and won't be there to witness the crowning of the champion. Good luck to everybody because everyone stands a chance of winning :) みんな、進め!!

Marina South


West Mall

Thursday, August 23, 2007

COMEX 2007

Comex 2007 will soon be arriving on the 30th Aug - 2nd Sep and once again i'll be in it selling projectors !! Viewsonic's to be exact.

Definetely 1 of the cheapest and of better quality than the rest in the market :D Ideal for replacement of TV's at home and easy to maintain and set up. Anyone interested can look for me OKIE ??

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

4 More Heroes ..

Results for 6 locations have been confirmed and we are just left with 4 more slots from 2 other locations.

East Coast




Jurong Point


AMK Funland


Of course the few main familiar faces are there and i expect a few more to appear after next week. I can't wait for the finals to begin and see who might be the Japanese pro assigned to play with us, locals. (○゜ε゜○)プッ

Congratulations to everyone who made it for the finals !!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Re arrange the letters X, O, E, D to form the crappiest company alive

Just taking a break from blogging about 3 kingdoms ~ and we shall turn our attention to a company that has been making the headlines for sueing people.

The main argumentative stand that downloaders are pointing out is that "XOED" company is delivering crap anime video quality and subtitles. I'll go straight to the point and show you a screencap from Initial D 3rd stage. PS: Picture was screencaptured by
Norad™ from playpark forum, and all credits go to him.



From the number plate to the railings and colour composure, you can actually see quite difference in the quality of the 2 screencaps. However i admit i can live with the difference in quality as i'm more interested in the storyline than the drawings. But nooooooo that's just the beginning of the nightmare.

Look at the subs done by "XOED" company and the other by fansubs and you'll notice that, hey maybe the subs done by "XOED" was done for another anime that involves "big trees" which can drive cars.

The point is, in the first place how can you expect people to purchase your company's inferior goods. The answer is a big flat NO. I don't even need to bring downloading of fansubs issue into this argument, as whether fansubs exist or not it won't affect the conclusion that people don't like to pay for inferior products.

As to this whole sueing issues made big by "XOED", i can only quote a certain line from a movie that i like. "THIS IS MADNESS"

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

桃園の誓い Deck

I think i just found my own perfect 桃園 deck. Must say this is the most stable 桃園 deck i've played before.


And i faced Ryan and Chris today before losing my IC Card, sob sob..




Come Come Bros/Sis

07/08 season has arrived and what way to welcome it than to donate a few bucks to singapore pools? (and a box of cards as well.. well..)

1st week result, not bad. Let down by sunderland who very key kiang and score in the 93rd min.

Here's my prediction for 2nd week of EPL, please bet responsibly and donate some $ to singapore pools.