Friday, August 31, 2007


~ This is the saga that doesn't end

yes it goes on and on my lambs

some people started downloading it not knowing its ilegal

And odex will continue sueing us forever just because

This is the saga that doesn't end ~


Apparently ODEX has brought in reinforcements from Japan to overturn the decision of Judge Lau in the upcoming appeal. They are the official licence holder of the listed animes listed in the AVPAS website.

I still wonder how ODEX managed to smoke thru these Japanese to support them when they have not been doing their fair share of the job. No advertisements no promotions zilch, nil, kosong, egg, plaster whatever !! Probably the clever people up there in the management are not willing to spend on PR because they are not making $$. HELLO!!! You need promotions to get your sales running not the other way round.

And i'm sure some of you have heard regarding how ODEX director, Peter Goh (PG) were owners of some sort of game shop (Games Mart Pte Ltd) that was raided in 99' for selling counterfeit games and accessories. PG came out on the news today telling the media that they were not at all involved in the fracas. Chinese has a saying "上梁不正,下梁歪 ", go figure out. '`ァ(*´д`*)'`ァ

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