Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 1 Mission: Have Fun & Eat Good Food


Finally reached my hotel, put down everything, bathed and connected to the internet (*´¬`)

At first i thought it was just some cheap 3
☆ budget hotel but it turned out to be quite good. Name of hotel is Miracle Grand Convention Hall and it was indeed grand and huge. When i arrived, they were having a wedding dinner reception on the 2nd floor and i could see that the ballroom was huge. Room rate for 1 night is only 2K Baht (less than 1/2 the usual rate) thanks to some good contacts.

The room was huge for 1 person and there were 2 beds, would have been great if it was 1 huge bed. But what blew me away was the toilet. Call me a frog in a well but i swear this has to be the best toilet i've ever seen. Not only is it spacious, there is a make up table, nice and clean bathtub, working hot water and the nice view while soaking in the bathtub. At the sametime i was watching AXN's Asian Amazing race while enjoying my bath. Well 3 more nights in this nice place.. how i am going to miss this room '`ァ(*´д`*)'`ァ

Room view from the entrance


Study corner with relaxing chair

Bathroom view (Small TV included)

View of the city from the bathtub

Some language tips from the magazine

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Can't wait for bonus to come

Jingle bells jingle bells, Santa's handing out presents again !!

I know i'm being spendthrift shelling out money for these stuffs but their prices are just unbelievable now since the greenback is depreciating as well. Planning to use this baby when i need to make overseas trips and do not want to risk losing my trusted Livewires. This will also come in handy if i need to listen to my music in a different way. To put it simply, the livewires would be like drawing with a colour pencil - smooth. While the EB would be like drawing with a crayon, rough but more oomph.

This earphone would be very suitable for people who like to hear the bass in musics or for teenagers who listen to lots of techno, rock and surprisingly jazz and acoustic music. Some experts advised me that there is a common misconception that to hear acoustic and jazz music, the main criteria for a good headphone is the ability to reproduce excellent mids. BUT slight bass in the background actually helps to accentuate the vocals.

Just a slight drawback of the EB is that it sticks out quite prominently out of your ear if it is tiny. well i look like shrek and have his ears so it's fine for me... i think XD

BTW saw this quiz lying around.

There are 3 different nationality guys who own different pets among them. The magic question is who owns the dog if these hints are given.

The Brazilian guy owns a parrot
The English guy owns a cat
The 3rd guy is Swedish

Well well an answer anyone?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More toys coming in

It is truly a christmas season when you see presents arriving one after another. ☆☆ This time it's slightly smaller than the previous Livewires earphones that i got but it's still in red - my favourite colour other than black.

Ta Da!!

UE 3 Studio
I can just feel the music coming out of it even by looking at the picture XD This will be good when i need to bring a rugged earphones out for sports or those overseas travel. And even if i lose or spoil them, it's O K !! they are only USD39.99

Too cheap to pass by this christmas season

Sunday, November 18, 2007

How windows screw us daily

As you might know, we have endless program failures, crash, BSOD and whatsnot operating a Windows PC/Laptop. But these errors are really pushing it too far _| ̄|○ Would have killed myself if these errors happened to me (>___<)

Erm.. so is that an error?

Ahh.. now then i realized

Yes!! added 0 printer successfully...

God help us all...

I wish i could say something like that to my boss...

This has to be the best error ever shown...

And a cute one from Youtube.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More new toys.... the LIVEWIRES

At last after waiting for almost 3 months, my LIVEWIRES earphones are here キタ(゚∀゚)ッ!! Too bad i'm having a slight flu and music just seems to be weird when you are sick, so will do review later.

And yeah can someone for god's sake please spell my name properly !!! It's J O N N Y. Damn this time my "name" is integrated inside the mould somemore, now everyone will mispell my name.

Livewires with the iPod Touch

Oh by the way the view outside my room was just too nice not to capture yesterday, it never fails to calm me down.

No zoom

With zoom


New 35th Single from MORNING MUSUME !!! Title is [Mikan] which means mandarin orange. Look at them (ノ´∀`)ノ Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii ~

Saturday, November 10, 2007

EPL Wk 12... Boring saturday

Damn i just realized only 3 games today.

come chop chop analysis.

Sunderland v Newcastle

By this morning, newcastle odds dropped by 10 cents again. These people are betting against their luck man, why so confident when newcastle play away and especially at sunderland where their main aim is not to lose.

I say another draw will happen. can try A-D or D-D for best bet

Derby V West Ham

Will it be a fairytale night for derby who have only won once this season so far? i say no. but a draw is very likely since west ham is still missing some strikers.

H-D is my best bet, 1-1 or 2-2

Liverpool v Fulham

Fulham has no means to disrupt liverpool game and they play badly away. A definete home win for liverpool. H-H is a very good bet.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Hi guys, introducing my sleek, good looking and sexy companion. The TOUCH !

This IMO is the best and most complete multimedia player in terms of function, look and price(i got it 2nd hand).
Although the music playback capability is similar to the previous iPod generations (albeit with extra support for lossless), the video playback is where it leaves me breathless. It is capable of playing back VGA quality videos and it is matched by the giant and beautiful screen the touch has.

Not only are the standard music and video player function in there, the touch is capable to surf the internet using the super gorgeous Safari browser. On top of that, when the touch is jailbroken(in simple terms, hacked) you are able to install 3rd party applications such as Apollo - Instant messaging client -, NES - Super Nintendo emulator - and many more unknown and undeveloped programs.

And i still have not gone into praising its touch screen responsiveness. Similar to the iPhone or the Sony Ericsson P1, all 3 devices have superb touch screen and it is a breeze using it. For everyone who is thinking of whether to get the touch, i will say skip it if you insist on players that support flac audio. If not this is My no.1 must have for electronic device this year.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

UEFA Champions League night

Today & tomorrow is the last round of the champions league before it begins again next year. So this is the last chance to make some $$ to pamper yourself for Christmas. (My picks are in red)

Today's matches are pretty straightforward for the 2 English clubs.

Liverpool V Besiktas

Easy match for liverpool even without the injured Torres. Gerrard must be relishing this match to get his revenge for their loss in Turkey. Everyone is saying that Liverpool won't qualify for the knock-out stage, well maybe but at least not tonight.

Best bet: PTS 1-0 or 2-0 since i am quite sure Besiktas won't score tonight.

Schalke 04 V Chelsea

Well Chelsea needs 3 pts to officially qualify for the knock-out stage with 2 games left to spare and i'm sure they want that so they can concentrate on the EPL. EditL More good news for Chelsea as Schalke 04 is facing a massive injury crisis, i think that will play into Chelsea's hand very nicely.

Best bet: 1X2 @ $1.90 is good odds for a Chelsea win.

Olympiakos V Real Madrid

This is 1 of those matches that could go wrong for Real imo as they are not a team that bounces back quickly from a loss. And as these groups go, it is going be quite a high scoring match. And the handicap of +1/4 for Olympiakos is a bit too low, it is like encouraging people to take Real.

Best bet: Over or +1/4

As for the rest, no confidence because i don't really pay attention to their league, so i do not have enough news to pass judgement.

Good luck boys!! (○゜ε゜○)プッ

Monday, November 5, 2007

World Class

With transport ministers and the old man constantly reminding us that we have world class transport in Singapore, i was beginning to believe it till i was as usual, reminded by bus 21 and 131 that it was not.

These buses start from Whampoa bus interchange which is only 4 stops from the usual stop that i board. They are "scheduled" to leave every 10 mins in the morning because there ARE that many who needs the ride to the Novena MRT station where almost everyone alights. So sometimes they screw us by either not comin on time (how the hell it happens when the interchange is so close) or they decide to send a single deck 21 σ(-`ー;)・・・ Whoever scheduled it must be shot, period.

And they still dare to increase prices to justify their "service upgrade" such as bus arrival panels which doesn't work. Who are we kidding? Singapore always like to claim that they have world class this and that but she is just like a frog croaking in the well.

On the other hand, Bolton did draw (ノ´∀`)ノ so i hope some people made a lil money.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Huat Huat EPL WK 11

The picture speaks for itself オ━━━ヽ(´∀`*)(*´∀`*)(*´∀`)ノ━━━ッ!!! Anyway, i had to seperate the bets because singapore pools required 1 betting slip per person to enter the hall. But i could see that they were quite lax yesterday as it was a big match.

I also learnt something, whenever derby plays away, just aim for PTS and buy 2-0/3-0 or bigger margin if it's a strong team. Just as my friend commented after the match against Aston Villa where he analyzed spot-on the score " the rams are food, just eat them"

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Anyway, today's tip has to be taking Bolton... (´・_・)ん?Yeah Bolton that goal leaking team that everybody is avoiding. But really, i can feel a resurgence going on and i think it would be a draw game today. So can try eating 1/2 ball with boo*** or buy both X (3.80) and 2 (4.20) with spools. The trick is to bet on both and get the difference in winnings. But of course if you lose, you lose all XD

Anyway good luck, remember always bet responsibly and only bet the amt that you are prepared to lose.