Saturday, November 24, 2007

Can't wait for bonus to come

Jingle bells jingle bells, Santa's handing out presents again !!

I know i'm being spendthrift shelling out money for these stuffs but their prices are just unbelievable now since the greenback is depreciating as well. Planning to use this baby when i need to make overseas trips and do not want to risk losing my trusted Livewires. This will also come in handy if i need to listen to my music in a different way. To put it simply, the livewires would be like drawing with a colour pencil - smooth. While the EB would be like drawing with a crayon, rough but more oomph.

This earphone would be very suitable for people who like to hear the bass in musics or for teenagers who listen to lots of techno, rock and surprisingly jazz and acoustic music. Some experts advised me that there is a common misconception that to hear acoustic and jazz music, the main criteria for a good headphone is the ability to reproduce excellent mids. BUT slight bass in the background actually helps to accentuate the vocals.

Just a slight drawback of the EB is that it sticks out quite prominently out of your ear if it is tiny. well i look like shrek and have his ears so it's fine for me... i think XD

BTW saw this quiz lying around.

There are 3 different nationality guys who own different pets among them. The magic question is who owns the dog if these hints are given.

The Brazilian guy owns a parrot
The English guy owns a cat
The 3rd guy is Swedish

Well well an answer anyone?

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