Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 1 Mission: Have Fun & Eat Good Food


Finally reached my hotel, put down everything, bathed and connected to the internet (*´¬`)

At first i thought it was just some cheap 3
☆ budget hotel but it turned out to be quite good. Name of hotel is Miracle Grand Convention Hall and it was indeed grand and huge. When i arrived, they were having a wedding dinner reception on the 2nd floor and i could see that the ballroom was huge. Room rate for 1 night is only 2K Baht (less than 1/2 the usual rate) thanks to some good contacts.

The room was huge for 1 person and there were 2 beds, would have been great if it was 1 huge bed. But what blew me away was the toilet. Call me a frog in a well but i swear this has to be the best toilet i've ever seen. Not only is it spacious, there is a make up table, nice and clean bathtub, working hot water and the nice view while soaking in the bathtub. At the sametime i was watching AXN's Asian Amazing race while enjoying my bath. Well 3 more nights in this nice place.. how i am going to miss this room '`ァ(*´д`*)'`ァ

Room view from the entrance


Study corner with relaxing chair

Bathroom view (Small TV included)

View of the city from the bathtub

Some language tips from the magazine

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