Saturday, January 31, 2009


Saving me some money instead of wearing daily acuvues :D

Oakley !!!!!!

But it's fake, i admit it. I can't bear to spend that much for a real oakley frame :p

Though it sure looks real and it's even fitted with transition lens! Those that will turn brownish under sunlight and even more opaque under direct sunlight. The lens are a bit thick though as they don't offer thinning service for transition lens. I'll probably get another frame with an EMI coated lens for use with my PC since it's dirt cheap and super value for money.

Ignore the scribbles
Oakley logo
Damn I love my country !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Food Feast ~

Chinese New Year has come!! ... and passed as well in a twinkle of an eye

Haiz, no ang pao this year as well T_T

Only pictures to show, yum!

团圆饭 for dad, mom & me
Prawns & fish
Home made assorted balls & dumplings
Veggies & MushrooomsFish stomach & sliced beef
The killer chilli that made everything gel
Yum Yum !
And this is as close as you can get to see CMI CNY decorations in the streets of Jakarta.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Flu and sore throat... the worst potent combination of common sickness...

But i have 罗汉果 here to dispel it! Hope it works in time before CNY comes around :|

Next year doesn't look too bad for us pigs, nor too good either. so let's not hope too much for anything this year and just accept whatever good things that comes to us as bonuses!

Looks like an egg huh..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mini Theatre

Ta Da!! I present my humble and simple home theatre using what else other than cheap stuff collected here and there :p

Lousy wall mount that costed me 200,000!!! Rupiah :p
Screen using embroidery paper, free of course
And first movie premier honour goes to Dark Night
And wow, i found this really new innovative electrical appliance which i've never seen before. It works like a switch, whereby you plug in the connector and rotate it so that it becomes "armed" (lol) with electricity. I hope the picture can tell a better description than i do. The brand is Eubiq though if you plan to source for it in Singapore. I think Home-Fix or the likes will have it.

Connector, choices of round pins or 3 pins
Plug and rotate

And happy birthday Mom

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tired yet refreshed...

Phew, I'm back after a whole week spent in the mountain and Bandung (city just beside Jakarta). It was really great to discover more beautiful places about my home country and her history during my travels.

Though the time spent travelling was really long, I was glad we didn't encounter jams along the way.

Pictures and stories will come up when I get my short break :|

We spent a day in Bandung and was caught in massive jams due to the holiday peak period. But we still endured the trip and hiked up the mountain to get to this place, Kampung Daun to get our breakfast + lunch. It serves traditional Sundanese cuisine, the food was quite standard nothing nice but the place sure is.

Small huts where we ate in
The view from our hut
Traditional system to call for the waiteress

And guess what this place is? It's actually a strawberry farm !! (though they spell it as stroberi here in Indo) From the picture below, to the left are the farms and all you need to pay is IDR50,000 (equivalent to USD5 or SGD7) and you can spend an hour plucking strawberries. Unfortunately the place was overrun with visitors during this holiday period and they decided to close the farm to prevent them left with just tree twigs :p