Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tired yet refreshed...

Phew, I'm back after a whole week spent in the mountain and Bandung (city just beside Jakarta). It was really great to discover more beautiful places about my home country and her history during my travels.

Though the time spent travelling was really long, I was glad we didn't encounter jams along the way.

Pictures and stories will come up when I get my short break :|

We spent a day in Bandung and was caught in massive jams due to the holiday peak period. But we still endured the trip and hiked up the mountain to get to this place, Kampung Daun to get our breakfast + lunch. It serves traditional Sundanese cuisine, the food was quite standard nothing nice but the place sure is.

Small huts where we ate in
The view from our hut
Traditional system to call for the waiteress

And guess what this place is? It's actually a strawberry farm !! (though they spell it as stroberi here in Indo) From the picture below, to the left are the farms and all you need to pay is IDR50,000 (equivalent to USD5 or SGD7) and you can spend an hour plucking strawberries. Unfortunately the place was overrun with visitors during this holiday period and they decided to close the farm to prevent them left with just tree twigs :p

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