Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas is all about...

Being with your loved ones and friends taking a break from your job or worries but here I am watching DVDs all alone by myself at home.. sob.. sob..

I really need to get to know more people here, and as soon as possible or I'll be spending my weekend nights with the TV and DVD player instead of friends and girls heh...

I did go out though for Christmas lunch with my parents to Pacific Place - some mall in the city. We had Japanese food at Rakuzen, yes the same restaurant that we
(YZ & JW) went in Millenia Walk and got butchered by the price. I had the same Gyu Tataki stuff again and it was much better done here. Overall the food served is better than Sushi Tei and the decoration and ambience of the restaurant was superb. Place to bring girls to, check :D

Nicely decorated ceiling
More seats downstairs
Awesome pillars and surroundings
This mall has all the shops that you will find in a posh shopping centre in Singapore. The LV store was HUGE! And with the current currency exchange rate, the price is competitive and comparable to Singapore. Even Pedro here is cheaper than in Singapore now, which was a perfect excuse to get myself a pair of slippers though.

I also managed to pick up a PC casing yesterday and proceeded to assemble it back the whole of yesterday night which explains the slight headache (from the lack of sleep) I have while typing this post.

The box
Everything assembled - Non Lit
Assembled - LitHuge 200mm silent cooling fan
The front view
My room and stuffs are slowly falling into place now !!

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