Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back in Indonesia

Negaraku yang tercinta, Indonesia.

Well i am back here, rebuilding my life in this country from now on. Surprisingly saying Indonesia is a much better country than the one 2 years back is an understatement.

For one, the internet infrastructure is a lot better now as i'm typing this post at a local mall 5 mins away from my house. The wi-fi here is much faster than wireless@sg as probably only a handful of people are utilising it. And with my S10 I can sit here up to 5 hours at a cafe without lugging along my charger.

More about this mall, it has a splendid cinema, an arcade with games at half price than those in Singapore (including WCCF, no Sanguo sadly). There is also a billiard parlour rivalling those in Japan and to top it off, someone will help you to arrange the balls. It's like malls in Indonesia is a totally different world to the one outside it and i'm liking it... a lot!

My 1st dinner in Indonesia after 1 yr ++

Indonesia's own 茶餐厅

Christmas decoration in the mall

WCCF machine lol

As for the moment, I will still continue to use my Singapore no but should be replaced by my local no soon. Will update in on my MSN and here. *Updated, my local line is 0878-8393-3698

As for internet at my house, i've applied and it should be active from end of the week onwards, hopefully...

Pictures should be up soon, forgot to bring my sd card converter out -_-;

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