Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolute Resolutions 2008

Aye, 2008 will be here in 12 hours time. Looking back the past 20 odd years of my life, i really experienced a lot this year after starting work. Somehow it helps to train build my character and shape my attitude and i'm starting to have more self-belief than ever before.

So... as inspired by NT2, my new year resolutions is called The Resolute Quintuplets!! *cue clapping hands* オ━━━ヽ(´∀`*)(*´∀`*)(*´∀`)ノ━━━ッ!!!

1) Achieve and maintain weight at 75± 3KG (゜□゜;)ヒッ これ大事だよ!!
2) Travel to Japan at least twice キタ(゚∀゚)ッ!!
3) Delay going back to Indo for good... yes i'm that unfilial _| ̄|○
4) Delay getting married to someone i don't know... _| ̄|○
5) Upgrade my room to contain a projector, projector screen, movie theatre system, amplifier + speaker system, upgraded PC system, new curtains, new queen size mattress, 1ft fish tank. Yeah JUST that only.

3 & 4 looks tricky as there is a 50% variable factor which is called my mom. ε-(´д`●)┌

A small wish for the new year would be a good and prosperous health for 2008. Entering into the mid 20s, i realize how important one's health is and it is so easy to destroy your health without you knowing. So regular check ups + eat healthily + more exercise will be next year's mantra! Of course wishing everyone good health as well.

Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE ! (*゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gifts !!

Well i got a few nice pressies for this year's christmas

1st up is a handphone/mp3 player/anything holder that i got from gift exchange. They would be more suitable for Mahjong lovers though XD

2nd would be a liquor holder, also from a gift exchange. I only drink vodka and baileys though, no expensive whiskey to fill it up with. The viewsonic birds are there just to help my lousy hp cam focus.

3rd would be a present i got myself, the tomahawk. Got it 2nd hand from a jabenite 2 weeks ago and he was kind to throw in IC, dock and a shuffle.

4th would be a present from my sisses, the Super.fi5 EB !! Good old bass to accompany me till my livewires come back!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Good luck everyone, New Year is coming and i'm sure you and I all need funds to spend on GF, Wife, Family, Hobby etc

Tip of the day is

Congrats in advance (ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノイエーイ

Or if anything goes wrong, i'm outta town (♯゜д゜)ノ゛コリャー

Youtube attacks!

Hehe... post christmas mood here in the office. There's nothing much to do around and there's no mail coming in... So what better to do than spend the time watching Youtube videos!!!

1st up, Mario wannabe that is as wicked as the "super hard Mario"

2nd goes, Dschinghis khan !!!!! What a group, what a video, what a song. Oh search for the other superb song, Moskau

3rd... still searching XD Edit: found !!

Komakasugite Tsutawarani Monomane (imitation of ppl or item that is so random that it's funny as hell)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas Eve

Here comes the time of the year again where it gets lonely for us singles.. haiz.. ( つд`) EMO time..

To top it off, there's still 1/2 day's work to do though there is nothing much to be done as Japan is having holidays and the bosses are not around.

Think i'll just play some DOTA and waste some time...

BORING !!!!! Though i'm looking forward to my Xmas presents from 大姐! Hope it's something electronic and useful. PLEASEEEE no clothes or food, those 2 are the last things i'll ever wish for

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Party 2007

Yayayayay party thru the night ~

We had our company's christmas dinner at the outer seats of Cafe Vic in Carlton Hotel on the 19th and it was a great as it was probably the first time in months that all staff was present. Everyone brought their family along and i was the only one who attended alone ( つд`) orz

Putting sad things aside, the special buffet prepared specially for our group was neither excellent nor exceptionally great EXCEPT for the grill stuffs. If i didn't have lunch that day, i could probably finish all the BBQ stuffs.

The grilled pepper marinated beef and german sausage was really the highlight of the day. Of course the prawns, chicken chop and mackarel fish (though slightly saltish) was great as well. Look at how many servings of the BBQ stuff i took, i hardly anything else on the buffet line. Oh the only food i ate besides the grill stuffs are the sashimi because the salmon was really fresh and sweet.

At the end of the day, we exchanged gifts and the company gave us each a G2000 shirt which we had picked personally before hand. 照レマスナヾ(-`ω´-o)ゝ。+゚

I also won a LE MON MP4 player for the year end raffles, thought i would have preferred the microwave oven as ours in the house is slowly but surely dying.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Houston... Elvis has landed !!

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! (*゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

My much awaited Red Super.fi3 (christmas season ya know!) is at last in the house! Look at that beautiful baby, i could get an orgasm looking at it XD AND it costed me a mere SGD65+- when it would have costed me more than twice if i got it locally. 3 cheers for amazon and and google checkout!! オ━━━ヽ(´∀`*)(*´∀`*)(*´∀`)ノ━━━ッ!!!

And finally the last piece of the puzzle to complement my portable rig, the RSA TOMAHAWK !! *cue thunder sound effects* キタ(゚∀゚)ッ!! Got it cheap, even for a 2nd hand item that has barely been used and in mint condition. The nice seller even gave me the ICs and the iPod docks and a FREE iPod shuffle 1GB. Ho ho ho is all i can say.

I can't describe how happy i am that my dream rig has finally been completed though it has been a costly affair. I would be switching it on 24/7 to burn the amp and IEM fully in for around 200hrs before enjoying the mature sound it gives. By the way somebody commented that i look like a terrorist carrying that whole thing in my back pocket!

Soon i will be off to Carlton hotel for a poolside BBQ to celebrate Christmas and the new year! More pictures of food to come !!

Monday, December 17, 2007

15th DEC BKK - Day 2

Day 2 and it started very early at 7AM where we headed off to Ayuthaya. An area that housed some buddhist relics and a giant gold Buddha statue. It was a long 1.5 hours journey by car and if i had a choice i wouldn't go though as i'm just not a person that can appreciate such stuff. There was also an elephant farm/circus just around the area and we got to feed them. I forgot to take pictures though Σ( ̄◇ ̄;)

Our driver for the day on the comfortable toyota camry
Relics of Ayuthaya
I suppose this is the Buddha tree (?)
Buddhist temple
The huge Buddha statue

After touring the whole Ayuthaya in the morning, we made our way back towards the city area for lunch and found a street that is dubbed the Japanese town as it housed lots of Japanese restaurants and supermarkets. I found 1 of my favourite restaurant - Ootoya - while i was in Japan in 2005 and we had our lunch there. It was filled with Japanese families as expected and it was nice to eat in a calm environment for once.
Ootoya restaurant in Thong Ro area
My set lunch of grilled chicken with seaweed riceAND the fun begins!! We were lucky as usually Muay Thai starts only in the late evenings. But this new stadium started as early as 2.30PM and we decided to go for this 1 as it didn't clash with our schedule. When we reached at 2PM, the place was still much empty and i managed a clear shot at the ring. Those white seats shown on the right portion of the 1st picture were ours. After picking up a program brochure, we realised that the matches would be screened live on national television so we were going to be on TV (if the camera panned over us!) Anyway i only had my phone camera so i couldn't get any good shots of the fight, bleh. _| ̄|○

The ring close up
The ring view from our elevated seatsScheduled program, 5 bouts of Muay Thai to be screened live on TV11
The fighters getting their interview done
Supporters (??) , nah just a big bunch of gamblersRandom shotsF***ing gays
So we ended the day with another trip down to Taniya street for Japanese dinner this time round and made some last minute souvenirs shopping. Need to turn in early to catch the morning flight at 0700 Zzzzzzzz

14th DEC BKK - Day 1

We took a morning flight from KL to Bangkok on Malaysia Airlines. They really do serve some funny inflight snacks (´・_・)ん?

I also saw a Japanese 50s guy playing a Nintendo DS on the flight. It's cute and made me think how much different the rest of the world are from the Japanese.

After arriving at the BKK international airport, we quickly made our way on a fan to our hotel, the mighty PAN PACIFIC HOTEL

Checking in was a breeze and the strange thing was that the lobby itself is on the 23rd floor, similar to how the local Marina Mandarin hotel is. I spotted a cute Japanese staff and was wondering why she was needed there until i realized most of the guests were all Japanese. Sorry no pictures of the staff (━_━)ゝウーム

This part is the main highlight of this entry, the room !

Big fluffy bed!
Armchair, leg rest, welcome cookies, ice in bucket, wireless internet etc
Huge toilet with great japanese style toilet bowl which cant be seen unfortunately
City view from the room
Giant LCD TV
Soon after we proceeded to take a walk around the hotel and we were recommended to visit the nearby famous Taniya Street. The street is basically made up of only 3 types of establishments which are the red light district (Pubs, Karaokes, strip bars), massage parlours and restaurants.

We managed to keep our senses in check and head straight to a chinese restaurant which served excellent claypot shark fin's soup and claypot abalone rice with other Thai-Chinese dishes. Alas they could not serve alchohol throught the weekend as the election is taking place. 工エェェェ━━━Σ(о・Д・о)━━━ェェェエエエ工 Damn no cold beer to go with the fantastic dishes σ(-`ー;)・・・

Claypot abalone rice to fill us up at the end
The annoying "No alcohol" notice
Night market in Taniya street

Lots to shop at the night market if you love shopping and bargaining is a must. slash 1/4 of the price they offer to begin with and you should be on your way to a great bargain. I got a Brazil jersey, an alcohol container, some "Chang" beer singlets and a few ties and pens .

Tomorrow we are going sightseeing and will be watching some Muay Thai!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hooooof... at last there's time to blog since i arrived in KL. I definetely need to stay away from morning champion's league match during biz trips or else 1 day i'll really be late for the meetings _| ̄|○

Anyway checked in yesterday into Concorde hotel. When i first heard of this hotel i was imagining it to be a high class 5 star hotel... but the only high class aspect of the hotel was unfortunately the name. The room was horrible, it looked like a higher class of the first world genting hotel. The wall was dirty, the carpet looked dirty, the plugs weren't working and the bathroom was frustratingly small. All of this for 200++ RM per night, what a "steal" Σ( ̄◇ ̄;)

Look at that, that, that, that !!! 工エェェェ━━━Σ(о・Д・о)━━━ェェェエエエ工

But but but, the view from my room wasn't that bad. At least i get to look at the mighty KLCC if i'm bored from the window beside me.

Anyway today was much better because we went over to Malacca and had a very short sightseeing at the old town.

After that we travelled all the way back to KL to have dinner at !!!!! KL tower's revolving restaurant. キタ(゚∀゚)ッ!! The bill came up to 600++ RM for 4 adults, food wasn't yummy but the place was certainly beautiful. OKIE! Tomorrow would be Bangkok, i'm gonna watch my first Muay Thai in Thailand!