Saturday, December 8, 2007

One Love

Came across a very nice ballad - One Love - from EXILE on this emo saturday afternoon after reviewing their "Exile - Evolution" album and can't help but notice the beautiful lyrics at the end. Here's how it goes... (translated loosely with my C6 'O' Level english

with the constant meeting/interaction (between us), your smiles appear

with your constant smiles, we will achieve happiness

The use of しあわせ in hiragana instead of the usual spelling of 幸せ in Kanji makes the lyrics more lighter. Inversely, musicians normally use katagana to emphasize the words.

EXILE has always been my constant source of beautiful and soothing ballads such as Lover's again, 運命のヒト (the destined one), I believe and many more. While they also have more upbeat songs like the famous Choo Choo Train, their ballads are the one that touches my heart constantly and therefore being played the most no of times on my iPod.

So if you come across their music, please take some time to listen and appreciate it. Who knows it might create a ripple in your heart as well...

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