Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hooooof... at last there's time to blog since i arrived in KL. I definetely need to stay away from morning champion's league match during biz trips or else 1 day i'll really be late for the meetings _| ̄|○

Anyway checked in yesterday into Concorde hotel. When i first heard of this hotel i was imagining it to be a high class 5 star hotel... but the only high class aspect of the hotel was unfortunately the name. The room was horrible, it looked like a higher class of the first world genting hotel. The wall was dirty, the carpet looked dirty, the plugs weren't working and the bathroom was frustratingly small. All of this for 200++ RM per night, what a "steal" Σ( ̄◇ ̄;)

Look at that, that, that, that !!! 工エェェェ━━━Σ(о・Д・о)━━━ェェェエエエ工

But but but, the view from my room wasn't that bad. At least i get to look at the mighty KLCC if i'm bored from the window beside me.

Anyway today was much better because we went over to Malacca and had a very short sightseeing at the old town.

After that we travelled all the way back to KL to have dinner at !!!!! KL tower's revolving restaurant. キタ(゚∀゚)ッ!! The bill came up to 600++ RM for 4 adults, food wasn't yummy but the place was certainly beautiful. OKIE! Tomorrow would be Bangkok, i'm gonna watch my first Muay Thai in Thailand!

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