Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well before talking about Penang, just wanted to show a picture of Kim, 狼王(what's his name ah?) and me having nice dim sum at Victor's Kitchen on a rainy sunday afternoon after soccer. 3 pax costed us $32 including drinks and we ate alot for that price. The custard pao was excellent (*´¬`)

Anyway the next day i left for Penang on a rainy monday evening. So depressing flying off on a rainy day and feeling so lonely with only my trusted iTouch and UM1. I think it's time to find a partner soon... never had this feeling before.

After touching down at Penang airport, made my way to the usual Equatorial Hotel and i still don't understand why Malaysia's taxi is so expensive. I think it has to do with some government policies that only "pure" Malaysian are allowed to become taxi drivers.

Will be leaving for KL tomorrow and more gate waiting, more flights and more taxi boardings... hope i survive this trip.

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