Monday, December 17, 2007

15th DEC BKK - Day 2

Day 2 and it started very early at 7AM where we headed off to Ayuthaya. An area that housed some buddhist relics and a giant gold Buddha statue. It was a long 1.5 hours journey by car and if i had a choice i wouldn't go though as i'm just not a person that can appreciate such stuff. There was also an elephant farm/circus just around the area and we got to feed them. I forgot to take pictures though Σ( ̄◇ ̄;)

Our driver for the day on the comfortable toyota camry
Relics of Ayuthaya
I suppose this is the Buddha tree (?)
Buddhist temple
The huge Buddha statue

After touring the whole Ayuthaya in the morning, we made our way back towards the city area for lunch and found a street that is dubbed the Japanese town as it housed lots of Japanese restaurants and supermarkets. I found 1 of my favourite restaurant - Ootoya - while i was in Japan in 2005 and we had our lunch there. It was filled with Japanese families as expected and it was nice to eat in a calm environment for once.
Ootoya restaurant in Thong Ro area
My set lunch of grilled chicken with seaweed riceAND the fun begins!! We were lucky as usually Muay Thai starts only in the late evenings. But this new stadium started as early as 2.30PM and we decided to go for this 1 as it didn't clash with our schedule. When we reached at 2PM, the place was still much empty and i managed a clear shot at the ring. Those white seats shown on the right portion of the 1st picture were ours. After picking up a program brochure, we realised that the matches would be screened live on national television so we were going to be on TV (if the camera panned over us!) Anyway i only had my phone camera so i couldn't get any good shots of the fight, bleh. _| ̄|○

The ring close up
The ring view from our elevated seatsScheduled program, 5 bouts of Muay Thai to be screened live on TV11
The fighters getting their interview done
Supporters (??) , nah just a big bunch of gamblersRandom shotsF***ing gays
So we ended the day with another trip down to Taniya street for Japanese dinner this time round and made some last minute souvenirs shopping. Need to turn in early to catch the morning flight at 0700 Zzzzzzzz

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