Monday, December 17, 2007

14th DEC BKK - Day 1

We took a morning flight from KL to Bangkok on Malaysia Airlines. They really do serve some funny inflight snacks (´・_・)ん?

I also saw a Japanese 50s guy playing a Nintendo DS on the flight. It's cute and made me think how much different the rest of the world are from the Japanese.

After arriving at the BKK international airport, we quickly made our way on a fan to our hotel, the mighty PAN PACIFIC HOTEL

Checking in was a breeze and the strange thing was that the lobby itself is on the 23rd floor, similar to how the local Marina Mandarin hotel is. I spotted a cute Japanese staff and was wondering why she was needed there until i realized most of the guests were all Japanese. Sorry no pictures of the staff (━_━)ゝウーム

This part is the main highlight of this entry, the room !

Big fluffy bed!
Armchair, leg rest, welcome cookies, ice in bucket, wireless internet etc
Huge toilet with great japanese style toilet bowl which cant be seen unfortunately
City view from the room
Giant LCD TV
Soon after we proceeded to take a walk around the hotel and we were recommended to visit the nearby famous Taniya Street. The street is basically made up of only 3 types of establishments which are the red light district (Pubs, Karaokes, strip bars), massage parlours and restaurants.

We managed to keep our senses in check and head straight to a chinese restaurant which served excellent claypot shark fin's soup and claypot abalone rice with other Thai-Chinese dishes. Alas they could not serve alchohol throught the weekend as the election is taking place. 工エェェェ━━━Σ(о・Д・о)━━━ェェェエエエ工 Damn no cold beer to go with the fantastic dishes σ(-`ー;)・・・

Claypot abalone rice to fill us up at the end
The annoying "No alcohol" notice
Night market in Taniya street

Lots to shop at the night market if you love shopping and bargaining is a must. slash 1/4 of the price they offer to begin with and you should be on your way to a great bargain. I got a Brazil jersey, an alcohol container, some "Chang" beer singlets and a few ties and pens .

Tomorrow we are going sightseeing and will be watching some Muay Thai!

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