Wednesday, April 30, 2008


After 10 long years, we are finally back in contention for the finals of the Champions League. Ten long years we have waited for the legendary Paul Scholes to bring us to the brink of greatness once more !!

It has been a long time for us Manchester Utd fans who last tasted Champions League glory 10 year back in '99. I could still remember waking up early in the morning, to find Man Utd down by a goal and it was already the 73rd Minute. I immediately sat down on the sofa and cheered for them in my heart, begging them to fight back 1 solitary goal to bring the game into extra time and hopefully scoring a goal or winning the penalty.

Alas it was not to be... Because we did even better by scoring 2 goals in the injury time to bring the Champions League trophy (ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノイエーイ

How fast has times passed by since i was still a secondary school student, awestrucked by that game and couldn't help but gush about the game the whole day that fateful day. I hope to relive that feeling again, this time in magnificient Moscow!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Deja Vu

So once again... I am back to blogging again after almost 2 months of no news or update from me. The reason is because i am so bored here in the office today, bleh.

To start off with maybe I'll show off what i bought in these 2 months of inactivity online. NEW home audio setup !! (●⌒∇⌒●) わーい

You are looking at the setup of FubarII (DAC) <-> LD MK II (AMP) <-> K701 (Headphone). Now i can listen to my music at home in peace and comfort though i have a 1 yr old niece that loves to play in my room and.

Seriously the headphone produces such a sweet sound that it leaves you in awe when listening to orchestra/instruments songs. Of course it still does a decent job playing my J-Pop collection but admittedly bass is not its strength. The tube amp on the other hand is so mesmerising to look at night but it does get too hot after a while that you can't touch it without scalding your hand.