Saturday, December 20, 2008

DIY = Die If You try...

I went shopping for furnitures few days back and tried to be clever by getting a DIY desk thinking it would be easy to assemble it like those from IKEA.

Unfortunately I was wrong... very wrong...

Uncovering the box
1 part labelled as part no 17
The same part labelled as no 25 at the back...

I will never ever (x100) get any DIY stuff here anymore. I'll rather get an assembled furniture then to spend just the whole day figuring out which part is which.

On the bright side, i got to taste this wonderful stuff. It's called murtabak (pancake) but not the type of murtabak you get from prata stalls in Singapore. It's a dessert here so it's sweet and goes very well with black coffee.

Mouth watering ain't it!

1 side chocolates and nuts
1 side lots of cheese

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