Monday, November 5, 2007

World Class

With transport ministers and the old man constantly reminding us that we have world class transport in Singapore, i was beginning to believe it till i was as usual, reminded by bus 21 and 131 that it was not.

These buses start from Whampoa bus interchange which is only 4 stops from the usual stop that i board. They are "scheduled" to leave every 10 mins in the morning because there ARE that many who needs the ride to the Novena MRT station where almost everyone alights. So sometimes they screw us by either not comin on time (how the hell it happens when the interchange is so close) or they decide to send a single deck 21 σ(-`ー;)・・・ Whoever scheduled it must be shot, period.

And they still dare to increase prices to justify their "service upgrade" such as bus arrival panels which doesn't work. Who are we kidding? Singapore always like to claim that they have world class this and that but she is just like a frog croaking in the well.

On the other hand, Bolton did draw (ノ´∀`)ノ so i hope some people made a lil money.

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