Monday, August 20, 2007

Re arrange the letters X, O, E, D to form the crappiest company alive

Just taking a break from blogging about 3 kingdoms ~ and we shall turn our attention to a company that has been making the headlines for sueing people.

The main argumentative stand that downloaders are pointing out is that "XOED" company is delivering crap anime video quality and subtitles. I'll go straight to the point and show you a screencap from Initial D 3rd stage. PS: Picture was screencaptured by
Norad™ from playpark forum, and all credits go to him.



From the number plate to the railings and colour composure, you can actually see quite difference in the quality of the 2 screencaps. However i admit i can live with the difference in quality as i'm more interested in the storyline than the drawings. But nooooooo that's just the beginning of the nightmare.

Look at the subs done by "XOED" company and the other by fansubs and you'll notice that, hey maybe the subs done by "XOED" was done for another anime that involves "big trees" which can drive cars.

The point is, in the first place how can you expect people to purchase your company's inferior goods. The answer is a big flat NO. I don't even need to bring downloading of fansubs issue into this argument, as whether fansubs exist or not it won't affect the conclusion that people don't like to pay for inferior products.

As to this whole sueing issues made big by "XOED", i can only quote a certain line from a movie that i like. "THIS IS MADNESS"

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