Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sangokushi Local and International Community

For others who are unaware, this game originated from Japan (doh xD). Needless to say due to the head start that they had, they play better, have newer versions, newer cards than the rest of the international community.

Look at the date, that was when i played my first 3 Guo game. Lol @ Guan Ping being the No 1 used card.

Some random screenshots of a match. My Card nick is and has always been 「 ♀ 」 :DD

These international community comprises of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. The first three countries that i listed are currently in a testing stage of online gaming that enables players from the 3 countries to PVP (players vs players) each other anytime and anywhere. I'm sure this is the only game except from the Mahjong game that allows players of different countries to PVP each other. Malaysia should be following suit when V2 of the game comes.

Of course this comes @ a hefty price (-_-;; of $3 per game or if you choose the PVP mode, it can go as cheap as $6 for 3 game as it gets cheaper when you win each battle. So the pricing systems goes like $3 for 1st game, $2 for 2nd game and $1 for the 3rd game. The pricing system restarts back to $3 when you win 3 games consecutively.

* For people who visit this blog and is unfamiliar with the game or who wish to learn this game, can visit our local forums @ http://www.sgcardgames.com

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