Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Origin

Time to give hints on why i decided to start this blog. It all began with a conversation with 2 other 3 Guo players 1 night.

*Re-enactment of conversation. All names are withheld to protect witnesses and me XD

Chicken-Head: Wah lately i see alot of new faces in the arcade ah
Technician: U long time never come and play lar, noob lar u.
Medic: Yeah lor, but they mainly playing just to get uniforms lar, u know, sponsor people
Yea Yea like that old guy who visit the arcade everyday with a bunch of coins, dunno where they get all the $ from, must be A.S.Ks or businessman

Chicken-Head: Then how come they dunwan to play themselves har, why must ask people to play for them, not sian meh, waste $$ only and cannot improve skill.
Technician: Yea lor, got pride meh
Medic: True but also hor, i dun understand why they like to sponsor Gayboy leh, not like his tao fa (討伐) rate is high like tt.
Chicken-Head: Y leh, Gayboy not bad mah.
Medic: He is good lar, but he everytime play jiao deck when people sponsor him. Of course tao fa rate low lar.

Chicken-Head: He should just stick to his 5 horse deck lar, only he can use
Medic: Ah lar that deck easy to use lar, just now i and Bak-ka try once, also can tao fa easily.
Technician: Lol no wonder only he can use, it's so easy to use mah

3 of us: Ha Ha Ha (ノ´∀`)

*No prize for guessing who is who

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