Thursday, April 19, 2007

初代チャンピオンの Deck

This is the deck that i'm currently using to PVP people. Of course i do try and play other decks but this is my favourite.

The concept of the deck is very simple, push opponent into their own half of the map and go into a mounting position where it is almost impossible for them to cast any skill -> 落城. This is also 1 of the deck with the highest 落城 rate if you choose 増援の法 as your 兵法.

The key to winning is to conquer the middle neutral ground and push them back within their own half. I have always said that defending is always easier than attacking because of alot of factors such as sieging bar time, no auras (for horse and spears) when you come in contact with the castle area etc. But this only hold true if both are playing on level grounds. Imagine a powered up unit camping on your half but you can't power up or use other skill to defend. Most of the time, the attack will go through the defense.

That is why you have to camp in his half. Imagine if the opponent is the 1 presurring you in your own half. even if you power up and try to counter his skills, he can fall back abit to the halfway line (out of the reach of your counter) and cast his skills, rendering your counter unit useless.

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