Sunday, April 29, 2007


Glory Glory Man Utd !!

"And Rooney scores, what a wonderful piece of excellent move"

That's what you'll probably get used to hearing from now on. I can smell the treble like a mouse targetting a piece of cheese (´・ω・`)

Luckily we didn't give up and left the pub after seeing Man Utd go down 2-0, and luckily Everton's GK made the stupid little mistake and let Man Utd get the momentum to fight back. It was all made sweeter with Chelsea drawing at Bolton XXXDDDD

Btw guess what's this? (´・_・)ん?

It's Pi Pa Gao made into a drink !! OMG and i still dared to try it. All i can say is, after opening the can, i immediately gave it to my friend. It was like smelling and drinking cough syrup. Bleh

Anyway though tired, it was a happy day for me and all Man Utd fans. I hope everyone sleep well because we'll have our bi-weekly soccer game tomorrow. Zzz(´ー`)ヾ(・・` <


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