Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gear Up

Woohooo! New kits to use for the next futsal outing.

I got the shoes from Queensway only @ SGD49, really a steal imo even to use it as a normal sneakers. Though it would look kinda strange i guess with the mini stud grooves... hehe..

Sadly it doesn't come in red base

On top of the shoes, on an impulse I also picked up 3 more original jerseys to add to my collection. The fonts are all champions league's and they look really nice with the mini club logos incorporated in the number set. They are, from left to right:

Juventus - Away - Del Piero - 10

Inter Milan - Home - Ibrahimovic - 8

Barcelona - Home - Messi - 10

And *drum roll* the last piece of jigsaw to complete my jersey puzzle!! TA-DA!!

I have been looking high & low for a goalkeeper jersey but it seems like everybody is having trouble getting the original replicas in their hands. However I managed to find this seller in a local forum that does goalkeeper replica jerseys from Thailand. Obviously this is not original T______T but i'm really desperate for one so I went into the dark side.

My precious VDS jersey
Would love a 90s goalie jersey of Peter Schmeichel

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