Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 4 - Zhu Ji

We went to this city famous for its embroidery machines just 100KM+- of Yi Wu city by taxi to re-visit one of our old machine supplier to check out how far they have progressed so far for the new machine models.

Turns out this place has changed a lot since i last visited it in mid 2006. They even already have a 6 star hotel built here and it looks more like a city rather than a village now.

1 thing i really have to praise the Chinese is they build things really fast like on steroids. The highway was very nicely built and laid and the journey was really smooth. I really hope Indonesia can learn something from China....

It's even colder here than Yi Wu as it is still not very populated yet, there are even still some shades of it's old village-ish state.

Just beside the factory

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