Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 3 - Yi Wu

Damn those weather forecast sms service who said the temperature in Yi Wu here is 8 to 4. It's more like -4 to -8 instead. Even Japan's Hokkaido is not as cold as it is here. And we actually walked around 3 full hours visiting shops in this weather.

For a brief explanation, in Yi Wu here you can find all and i mean ALL "Made in China" (small items only though) products ranging from electronic items, hardware to accessories and flowers. It's dubbed the city of small items (小商品城) and in here you'll find people of all countries.


On the plane from Guangzhou to Yi Wu, it was like a plane of united nations representatives. Seeing this, indeed nowadays we can't live without China and so is the opposite true.

One thing i learnt today is when trying to hail taxis in peak period and in cities where the taxi to human population ratio is very low, you have to offer more than you usually pay. We hailed a cab which was not planning to go to the direction of our hotel and offered him twice the fare which he would have usually gotten and he relented in an instant. On the way he picked up another passenger, an Iraqi which i could see that he knew how to play the rules of taking taxis here. The taxi demanded 10RMB and the Iraqi replied "Okay, 5RMB okay" a few times before the taxi driver gave up, lol.

Our hotel room
Our hotel room 2

I promise pictures to be up when i get to another hotel in our next stop, Wuhan... hopefully

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