Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 2 - Guangzhou

What a day, I felt like i had ran a marathon at the end of it after 8 hours of non stop walking and standing.

But at the end of the day, i felt really good with the stuff i bought. Guangzhou is really a paradise for electronic stuff. In this place 岗顶 located at the 天河 region, there are like 5-6 SLS-ish building side by side each other making this officially the largest electronic/computer store area in the world imo. I came away with electronic stuff at 15-20% off the prices in Singapore.

Earlier in the afternoon I also visited the local watch city which houses the world's supplier for branded replica watches. They really almost had every model you could look for and even had a self made book that attempted to make it look real by using Japanese language. But anyone who understand Japanese would know that it's just gibberish writing which makes no sense at all. But you really have to applaud the Chinese in China here for their business sense and acumen.

Too bad the internet here in Yi Wu is really bad at connecting to certain sites especially image uploading sites. So i can't update the pics till at least when i reach Beijing.

Nonetheless, I'll continue some more tips to help anyone who is planning to visit here.

1) Bargain at least half the price they state to make sure you aren't getting ripped off... that bad. You'll probably end up paying 60-70% of what they originally quote you which is still not that bad.

2) Double check and triple check whatever you buy to make sure it works before paying. You'll not want to waste time travelling to the store again the next day or worse, returning to your country before realising it doesn't work.

3) You pay for what you get especially in China. If you want to be safe, make sure to go for the more popular brand instead of the unpopular local brand. And it's better to choose the product that you want, then bargain for it instead of asking for recommendations based on price as you'll probably end up with an inferior product.

Okay, that's it for shopping guides that i personally learnt when buying stuff here. Let's hope you don't make as much mistakes as i did :)

Cheap cheap USB drives
Dim Sum time with Kong Fu tea

Unfortunately, i don't have time to post all the stuffs i bought :p

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