Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 5- Bei Jing

Finally, the capital of China - Beijing. Surprisingly, Beijing only started snowing 2 days back and the whole city is experiencing quite a drought.

White snow fields all around the landing strip

It is even colder here with -4 as the forecasted temperature and about to get lower in the evening when it will start to snow again till the next day. No time for us to lose though as we need to hurry down to the factory to check out the embroidery machines

White scenery all around
Again, I totally could not recognize the place anymore as it has developed leaps and bounds over the 2.5 years since I last came. The place the factory in has been developed into a science park-ish location with the country's top research facility being built around this area. Next to the factory of our supplier is China's money counterfeiting prevention centre where they research new technology to keep counterfeiters away... but not like it helps much though with all the counterfeiting rage in Southern China.

Unluckily we weren't able to stay for the night in Beijing and had to leave for Wu Han in the evening so that we could visit another factory tomorrow.

Nonetheless, we managed to fit in time to eat our dinner at the airport for a sucky meal that's twice more expensive than Macdonalds or KFC, Bleh!

1. Tasteless beef with onions
2. Tasteless stir fried prawns
3. Sucky & oily vegetables
4. Cold and hard fruits
5. Good ol plain rice

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