Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 1 - Guangzhou

Just reached the hotel and checked-in now. Luckily had a good sleep on board the flight, so off I am to go sightseeing and shopping in GZ.

Just a note, the SIA girls on the GZ flight looks way better than those on the Jakarta flight. Some are even flirtatious, no wonder the scandals involving them.

Breakfast on board SIA


Back at the hotel after a whole day of walking around Guangzhou city.

Found out lots of things about the city and her people that i never knew about on my last 2 visits here.

1) Contrary to people's belief, people here are actually nice. I saw 1 guy who gave away a balloon to a crying kid in MacDonalds to stop him from crying. People giving up seats on the train (MRT) is quite a common sight and almost instantaneously. The people here are quite loud when talking so don't mistake that as being rude.

Speaking of the train, i finally got the chance to ride on 1 this time and was amazed at what they were using to pass thru the gantry instead of stored value cards like Ezlinks. By the way, the trains here are generally much faster and cheaper than taxis so you may want to check out nearest train terminals closest to your destination.

Button like chip that works the same way as an ezlink or stored value card
2) People here can't queue. Lol i know this is an irony considering i just wrote something good about the people. They just love to cut queues like it is their favourite pastime. 1 tip for those queueing up at fast food restaurants, is that here they look to queue horizontally and not vertically. So if you see someone standing by the side of the counter, do not think anymore, he will cut your queue if you don't show that you are not letting him do it either by making eye contact or moving closer up the queue.

3) Pay attention to the Y100 bills that you pay to taxi drivers, shopkeepers etc. Try to remember the serial and make sure it is the same Y100 note if they claim they have no change or the bill is torn/defaced. There are lots of fake notes circulating so do take care.

I'll post where to get what stuff in Guangzhou tomorrow when i finally start to shop. Oh and that wonderful Dim Sum restaurant as well when i go there tomorrow.

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