Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 6 - Guangzhou

Back to Guangzhou at last after a gruelling air flight marathon spanning 6 cities in 5 days. I wonder how those senior citizens can take this type of schedule when I'm already on the brink of giving up after the Beijing - Wuhan flight.

Since we are back here, It's time to do last minute shopping. Not that I have much time though since I only have a day and there is so much things to buy.

Okay to recap, these are the places (in random order) you want to go in Guangzhou for really cheap stuff.

步云天地 - For all kinds of shoes, men, women, children and etc

Roads between
步云天地 & 站西路 - Sells all sorts of sports related merchandise from jerseys and socks to collectibles and accessories.

站西路 - Replica watch & silver accessorieswholesale market

北京路 - A place to hang out, eat and a lot of Giordano-ish fashion outlets

白马广场 - For ladies fashion, level 1-2 only allows bulk shopping if i'm not wrong.

天河电脑城 - 5-6 SLS sized buildings lined up from 1 street to the end, go imagine. There is also a large generic shopping mall nearby - Tee Mall

Xiang Xia Jiu - I don't know the 汉字 for this place but taxi drivers should know. It's very similar to Bei Jing Lu but more catered to the teenagers market like Far East Plaza and old Heeren lvl 5. I did manage to take a picture of the place though.

TBC, need to rush off to catch my flight :p

Edit: Added some more locations

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