Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Aight! Time to showcase some of the food in Indonesia that is just so splendid they ought to be franchised over to Singapore hehe...

First up are deserts!

This looks like a simple mixed fruits cut right? You are not wrong but it's the hidden sauce at the top left corner that deserves a mention. Not to mention that it only cost IDR5000 (roughly 80 cents) for the below mix.

Pineapple + Watermelon + Papaya
It is a special peanut sauce made up from peanuts (duh!), gula melaka, grounded chilli padi and a special secret mix of brown sauce. Not only does it taste sweet but it's hot at the same time making fruits taste nicer and fresher. You may wonder if chilli goes well with fruits but for us Indonesians, we eat chilli with almost everything you can imagine.

Next up, Ice Creams !!!

I'm not really a big fan of ice creams, but i love it when it's mixed with either brownies, waffles or fruits etc. It just gives ice cream the additional texture and taste which is mssing with normal ice cream.

I'm not too sure if Haagen Dazs in Singapore serve such ice creams platter but the ones here sure does. And the ice cream served with the toppings are customizable. Good timing to eat ice cream as well since the weather is slowly but surely turning hot here in Indonesia.

Mango Tango - Mango IC + Coffee IC + assorted fruits
Honey coated waffle + Mango passion IC + Baileys IC

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