Sunday, July 19, 2009

INA - SG - KL - SG - INA

Hmm where do i start..

This trip for me had MANCHESTER UNITED printed all over my passport, tickets and luggage even before i left.

And so it won't probably be a suprise for many if this post only talks about my team, Manchester United :p But please bear for a while till my photos are uploaded.

Instead i felt that i grew a bit more after my recent trip to KL (not sideways if you are wondering :p).
During the trip, i stayed @ my friend's house and i felt like i was treated like 1 of their own, 1 of their children, brothers and it's really the best treatment i could ever asked for from a host family. The truthfulness and generosity from their words and action really seeps into your heart...

But still, even though it had only been 2 short days in KL, after leaving friends (and their families) there behind, it made me feel a tinge of loneliness that made me wonder why should there be partings and separations in our life again... yes again... like a case of Deja Vu it made me remember that without these seperations, we probably won't cherish the time spent with each other as much.

I'm sure there will be more separations and meetings further down in the path of my life and i just hope i will treasure each and every one of them.

PS: Thanks Derrick & Lex!

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