Monday, January 7, 2008


Phew... Time really pass by so quickly, i didn't even realise that this is my first entry for 2008.

Looking back, 2007 has been really good to me in terms of wealth, health and relationships (with friends and families that is...) ☆☆ For 2008, I'm really looking forward to this year as this may be the last full year i'll be spending in Singapore. As some of you may know, I should be leaving Singapore for good at the end of the year, back to my home country. I really hope to spend more time with friends, especially those who have been with me from Secondary or Polytechnic till now. They are the only reason why i have not returned much earler.

2008 will also be the year that my 2nd sis will be getting married. Talks will be held during CNY 2008 between the parents to set an auspicious date. This also means that i will be spending CNY here !! WAI !! (●⌒∇⌒●) わーい Anyway i won't be getting Ang Pao anymore at this age so, no reason for me to spend money on air ticket to travel back just for 3(?) days.

As for myself, i'm not in a rush to look for the special one although i don't mind meeting one anytime soon. Would be great if she was Japanese nom nom Zzz(´ー`)ヾ(・・` < ......... WHAT !! Can't i dream?

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