Friday, May 9, 2008


I have always thought that i was strong in the affairs of the heart, immune to break ups and seperations regardless of whether it was between friends or families. After all throughout 23 years of my life, i have been spent most of them away from my siblings, parents and friends at some point of the time. Never did i know, i was never that strong... that i have just been briefly tested all this while.

Some may know that my eldest sister has finally flown off to Lyon, France as my brother-in-law received a good job offer there. My niece has gone over as well and suddenly the house looks and sounds so empty. Strangely this time, i really felt a part of my life was lost when they left.

Recently our company's representatives from our sites in Philippines, Taiwan, China and Japan met up for the semicon show that ended last wednesday. When it came to the final dinner on wednesday to celebrate for the success of the show, i felt the same strange tingle in my heart again this time. I was so reluctant for them to return to the hotel knowing this may be my last year i am going to work for this company.

And still i know that seperations are not an ending to relationships, they are but just a beginning to another chapter of my life. I will still be able to see them again at some point of time, somewhere in this rapidly shrinking world. But for now, till the inevitable return to Indonesia at the end of the year, i know my heart will be aching for company from friends and families.

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