Monday, September 10, 2007

What are you thinking?

It's Monday and nobody loves Monday. Anyone who loves Monday is either a A)freak or B)retard.

Anyway i found this wonderfully entertaining site that tells you what makes up your brain. This is what i'm supposed to be thinking based on my name. Honestly, it's creepily true, and yes i have 4 very close friends from poly days till now.

But i'm sure it's just a coincidence, so try it and let me know XD. The website is, just put your name in the blank and click the "の脳内" button.

PS: Please don't treat this seriously XD and if you don't understand the Kanji you can ask me.

ie. for my case, i'm yearning to 休=rest (40%), 私=full of myself (10%), 友=thinking of friends (10%), 秘=keeping lots of secrets (40%)

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