Friday, May 4, 2007

Labour Day

Went to watch spidey with the 3 guo gang on Labour day. The movie was delayed due to some glitch, made us wait there for 30+ mins XD Luckily the show was good. Same old plot, same old ending. Though the action scenes were a bit lacking, the emotional scenes were done in a good way. Verdict 8/10

Here's the screenshot of the ending, wonder whether there's any hidden scenes after the credits.. hmm..

AND !!!!!! My new CPU is up ^^, here's the screenshot. Took me 2 hours to just connect the drives and to connect all the cables. And a cat (○゜ε゜○)プッ was disturbing me while i was doing all these. Btw it's just a bare CPU with 2 HDD, 1 DVD drive, nothing fancy. No $$ for better graphic card yet, will come soon if i don't touch 3 guo at all :|

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